Hi, I’m Jakub Rybar, an Interaction Designer with a solid background in design research

I’m interested in creating value in people’s lives by means of design experiments. My work is driven by a curiosity to understand people in their use situations and by a passion to collaboratively explore possible futures with them.

What I do

Design Research

Create a research plan, lead and conduct research studies (lab, field) to develop actionable user insights and uncover design opportunities

Design Workshops

Facilitate multiple stakeholders throughout the design process to envision meaningful solutions for people we serve

Product Design

Prototype, test and craft delightful, user-friendly digital experiences solving business and user needs

Lean UX Strategy

Create a measurable, user-centric plan that drives a team towards a common product vision and experience

Physical Prototyping and Electronics

Exploration of tangible interactions by prototyping physical objects and spaces

Mentoring and Talks

Help non-designers and junior designers to become thoughtful designers

Selected projects