The Touch: Presence Awareness

Interactive lamp

Course: Design Skills – individual project

Methods: Desk Research, Sketching, Rapid Prototyping

Role: Lead interaction and product designer

Timeline: 1 week in 12/2015

Keywords: Interaction Design, Product Design, Experience Design, Social Computing, Tangible Interaction, User-Centered Design


The challenge of this one-week design project was to use different skills in order to design an interactive lamp inspired by human behavior.

How to facilitate social interaction over a long distance through the light?


I created connected lamps that express ambient awareness. The concept experiments with emotional expression over a long distance and sharing emotions. These networked lamps may help couples, long distance families, close friends, people in a hospital or people unable to actively communicate to create or support connectedness, awareness, belonging and togetherness.

How it works


My design process started with inspiration seeking and ideation of various use of lights and its (interactive) behaviors.

After generating a lot of ideas, I decided to focus on sharing emotions through interactive artifact(s).

Concept development (Rapid Prototyping)

In future next step, the concept would be tested and evaluated with target users. I will explore possible haptic feedback to ensure a better experience and connect the interactive artifacts via Bluetooth/Ethernet technology.